Stubbington Karate ACADEMY


Stubbington Karate Academy is a dojo with a long tradition. 

For us, it's not all about demanding, challenging & serious training, but seeing our members do their best, learn new techniques and progress is awesome!

It's also about teaching people respect towards others, self-confidence, physical wellbeing.
We're always happy to welcome new members who are interested in joining, so why not browse the site and come along for a try out!


"As someone in the Navy who has recently been deployed for over six months I often worry about the impact on my kids of not being around. Sensei Rob, you and your instructors provide much more than Karate skills. You provide the excellent male role models for my kids that is so important to me when I am away. Thank you" JMC


"Can't recommend Stubbington Karate enough. Great for teaching discipline, control & self-defence. Sensei Rob brings out the best in all the children whilst making each session fun" AM


Sensei Rob began training in 1988 under the experienced guidance of Sensei Don Brightman 4th Dan IOGKF.
For many years training twice a week with Sensei Don he increased classes and began to train with Sensei Ernie Molyneux 8th Dan IOGKF in Bournemouth.
With Sensei Don retiring from his teaching role, training with Sensei Steve Thompson 4th Dan IOGKF began in Havant, Hants.
Sensei Rob obtained grades at the following times and has twenty eight years of Karate experience as well as being a fully qualified Instructor and First Aider.



Graded Shodan (1st Dan) 1992

Graded Nidan (2nd Dan) 1994

Graded Sandan (3rd Dan) 1998

Graded Yondan (4th Dan) 2003

Graded Godan (5th Dan) 2017


We have several assistant instructors to ensure group sizes receive maximum tuition and to offer extra assistance to students tuition to enhance their potential.


Dojo Etiquette


The Academy prides itself on its strict codes of conduct which students are expected to adhere to at all times.

  • Uniform (gi) to be kept clean, tidy and worn at all times in the dojo.
  • Respect towards others both inside and outside of the dojo.
  • Shoes must be removed before entering the dojo and placed neatly outside the door.
  • Students should bow respectfully on entering and leaving the dojo.
  • All instructors are to be addressed as Sensei or Sempai at all times.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during training. Earrings that can not be removed should be covered with plaster.
  • Unacceptable behaviour or misconduct will result in the removal of the student's belt for a period of time set by the instructor. During this period the student will be demoted to white belt.
  • Students are encouraged to follow the "Dojo Kun" as laid down by the head of the SCKA.



Contact Us

Rob Wood

Stubbington Karate Academy
Crofton Community Centre
Stubbington Lane
PO14 2PP



Phone:     07788 914 581

E-mail:     rob.wood@hotmail.co.uk



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